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  • agricultural equipments, agricultural impliments, agricultural machinery, agricultural tools, Amla products/Indian Gooseberry, Bean & Preparation, bakery products, Dairy Products, Fat & Oil, Food Additive, Frozen Food, Honey Products, Instant Food, namkeen, papad, rice mill machinery, seed grader, Seed for Sowing, Snack, Spice, sweets, Vegetable & Preparation, Sugar & Confection, animal feeds,cattel feed,poultry feed,Tractor. Caterpillar tractor, Cultivator, Cultipacker, Chisel plow, Mulch tiller, Harrow, Spike harrow, Drag harrow, Disk harrow, Plow (or plough), Power tiller / Rotary tiller / Rototiller, Spading machine, Subsoiler , Stone picker ( picker), Rock windrower (rock rake), Rotavator, Destoner, Bedtiller, Ridger, Roller, Soil cultivation, Planting, Broadcast seeder, fertilizer spreader, Planter (farm implement), Plastic mulch layer, Potato planter, Seed drill, Air seeder, Precision drill, Transplanter, Rice transplanter, Harvesting / post-harvest,Baler,Beet harvester,Beet cleaner loader,Bean harvester,Cane harvester,Cart,Carrot harvester, Chaser bin, Combine harvester,Conveyor belt,Corn harvester,Cotton picker,Cradle grain,Fanning mill, Farm truck, Flail,Forage harvester (or silage harvester),Gleaner,Grain cleaner,Grain dryer,Gravity wagon,Haulm topper,Haulout transporter,Mower,Over-the-row mechanical harvester for harvesting apples,Potato spinner/digger,Potato harvester,Rake,Reaper,Reaper-binder,Rice huller, Scythe, Sickle,Silage trailer,Sugarcane harvester ,sugar cane crushers, swather, Thresher, Tractor, Wagon, Winnower,Power Chaff Cutters, Chaff Cutters,Cotton Straw Cutter, Heavy duty chaff cutter
  • Auto Ancillaries & Spares,Automobiles & Vehicles, Motorcycles, Bikes, Bicycles, Bearings, Tyres, Tires & Tubes, Engines, Tractors, Garage Equipments, Automotive Accessories, Spare Parts & Supplies
  • Building Construction Material, Equipment, Civil Engineering
  • Chemicals  (53)
    Acids, Auxiliary Chemicals,Bulk Drugs, Colour Additives,Lubricants,Varnish Aminnes,Pesticides,Auxillary Chemicals , Construction Chemicals , Soaps And Detergents , Electroplating Chemicals, Fertilizers , Food Chemicals , Industrial Gases , Scientific Glass , Resins ,Polymers, Printing Inks , Silica Gel, Water Treatment Chemicals , Zinc,Zinc Compounds , Ammoniated Mercury , Bismuth , Bismuth Hydroxide,Bismuth Oxide , Mercuric Chloride,Mercuric ,Pharmaceuticals Solvents,Paints , Drugs , Speciality Chemicals, Bulk Drugs , Adhesives , Lubricants,Chemicals (all Types), Dyes,Laboratory Chemicals , Pigments,Cosmetic Products , Dyes Intermediates,Agro Chemicals , Herbal Products
  • Manufacturers and Dealers Of:- COMPUTER PERIPHERALS , Add On Cards, Card Frames For Computers, Cartridge Refilling, Cd Drives, Cd Rams, Cd Roms, Computer Books, Computer Card Frames, Computer Hardware, Computer Lables, Computer Maintenance, Computer Networking, Computer Printer Repairing & Maintenance, Data Acquisition Systems, Data Center, Data Security Services,Software
  • ac drives, electric motors, cables, cable trays & accessories, ceramic equipments, control panels, control panels & accessories, dc drives, digital multi-meter, electronics diplay system, electronic components, electrical contractors, electric motors, electronics testing equipments, furnaces, hot metal detectors, heating equipments, industrial automation, laboratory instruments, lighting fixtures, office automation systems, process control instruments, programmable indicators, security systems, sensors all types, smps, switches all types, switch boards, temperature controllers, transformer, transmission line towers, power transmission material, water level controllers, weighing scale
  • Fiberglass  (13)
    Fiberglass Insect Screening,Fiberglass Fabric,fiberglass mesh,Fiberglass Pipe Insulation, Industrial Fiberglass Sink, Industrial Fiberglass Sink,Car Bodies, Fibreglass Ropes,Fibresglass Yarn, Fibreglass Water Sport Products, Fibreglass Wash Basins, Fibreglass Raw Materials, fibreglass Piping,Fibre Glass Moulded Luggage, Fibreglass Moulded Furniture, Fibreglass Process Plants Equip.,Fibreglass Epoxy Sheets,rced plastics,FRP Epoxy Rod,FRP cooling tower,FRP Molded Grating,FRP vessel, FRP High Pressure Pipe,Car Bodies,Fibreglass Ropes,Fibresglass Yarn, Fibreglass Water Sport Products, Fibreglass Wash Basins,Fibreglass Raw Materials,fibreglass Piping,Fibre Glass Moulded Luggage, Fibreglass Moulded Furniture,Fibreglass Process Plants Equip.,Fibreglass Epoxy Sheets,
  • Bevel Gears,Cycloidal Gears,Differential Gears,External Gear,Ground Gear,Girth Gear,Helical Gears, Kiln Girth Gears, Pinion Gears,Precision Gears,Planetary Gear,Rack Gears,Segment Gear, Sprockets, Spur Gears,Worm Gears, Bevel Gearbox,Cycloidal Gearbox,Helical Gearbox,Offset Gearbox,Sequential Gearbox,Planetary Gearbox, Right Angle Bevel Gearbox, Shaft Mounted Gearbox, Spiral Bevel Gearbox,Worm Gearbox, Worm Reduction Gearbox , Crane Duty Gearboxes
  • Gemstones Jewelry,Semi Precious Stones, Beaded Jewelry,Gemstone Pendant,Beaded Jewelry, Crystal Jewelry, Hair Ornaments, Necklaces, Costume Jewellery, Costume Bracelets, Antique Jewellery, Artificial Jewellery, Silver Fashion Jewellery, Stone Studded Silver Jewellery, Birthstone, Pearls Jewellery, Pearl Necklaces,Wedding Jewelry,
  • Essential Oils, Aromatic Oils & Oilresins , Functional Foods & Naturaceuticals , Herbal And Botanical Extracts Medicinal Plants & Crude Herbs , Natural & Ayurvedic Personal Care ,Speciality Ingredients & Syergise Extracts,Herbal Skin Care,Hair Care Cosmetics Shampoo,Moisturiser,Gel,cardio-Vascular, strength and fitness equipments, Hair Removing Cream
  • Accommodation ,Hostels, Motels, Motels ,Travel and tourism, Destination Club, Flight attendants, Travel agents, Tour operators, Local tourisms, Restaurant, Caterers, housekeeping
  • Advertising Agencies,Consultancy,Design Services,Ducting Layout,Electrical Energy Audit,Electrical Drawings,Embedded Robitics Courses,Training,Export Consultants,Fabrication Drawings, Generators On Hire,Industrial Cleaners, ISO Certification,Labour Contractors, Liaison Services,Marketing Agencies, Testing Labs.,On Line Leak Sealing Services,Piping Layouts,Water Profing, Presentation Articals,Safety & Environmental Audits, SCADA Training, Security Services,Thermal Audit,Thermal Insulation Contractors, Warehouses& Godowns
  • Placements Services,Career Search Advice, Resume Writing Services,Employment Agency, H.R. Consultants,Management Services,Job Recruitment Services,Resume Database
  • Leathers  (11)
    Leather Footwear,Leather Garments,Leather Accessories, Leather Chemicals,Leather Raw Materials, Leather Furniture,Leather Fashion Jewelry, Leather Craft Supplies, LeatherIndustrial Clothings
  • Machinery  (123)
    chemical plants& equipments, chilling plants, chimneys, chuck, construction machineries, dryer, detergent plants &machinery, drilling machine, fabrication machinery, fertilizer plants & equipments, food processing machinery, gear cutting machinery, ginning machinery & spares, hacksaw, heat exchangers, lathes machines, oil mill & solvent extraction plants, oven, ozone generators, pulp & paper making machinery, packaging & packing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, plastic processing machinery, powder coating plants, power press, pulverisers, printing machinery, reaction vessels, rolling mill machinery, sand & shot blasting machines, sheet metal machine, shot blasting machine, special purpose machines, sugar mill machinery & accessories, surface grinders, threading machine, wood working machinery, workshop machinery
  • Ash Handling Equipment, Corrugating Roll, Dock Leveler, Electric Pallet Stackers, Electric Pallet Trucks, Electric Stacker , Handlift Pallet Stacker, Hydraulic Dock Leveler, Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks ,Hydraulic Pallet Stacker, Hydraulic Stacker, Idlers , Loading & Unloading Equipment, Manual Stacker, Offset Roll, Pallet Stackers, Pallet Truck, Roller Tables, Rotary Air Lock , Rotary Feeder, Semi Electric Hand Stacker, Shuttle Feeders , Stackers, Truck tacker , conveyors, cranes & hoists, elevator buckets ,lifting tackels, material handling systems, pallet trucks
  • Job Working Unit,Ball Valves,Butterfly Valves,Check Valves,Non return Valves,Gate Valves,Globe Valves,Fabrication, Jigs & Fixtures ,Sheet Metal, Ball Barings, Fabrication Sheet Metal,Fire Fighting Equipments ,Gaskets & Packings, Abrasives, Medical Equipments,Hospital ,Kitchen Equipments, Abrasive wheels, Buffing, Clamps, Couplings, Dismantling joints, Elevetors, Expansion Joints, Fabrication general, Fabrication sheet metal, Fasteners, Heavy Fabrication & Erection, Hoses, Hydraulic Equipments, Industrial Chimney Structures, Moulds, Polishing Work, Rivets, Tower Fabrication, Valves
  • alloy steel, aluminium extrusion, barbed wire fencing, bars rolling mills, bright bars, c.i.castings, c.i pipes, cast iron engineering casting, cast iron valves, chain link fence, copper strips, counter weights, ferro alloys, ferrous & non ferrous metal, foundries alloy castings, foundries non- ferrous castings, galvanized binding wire, galvanised wires, hot rolled, Industrial & sanitery castings, ingots, iron ore, manhole covers, m.s.ingot, m.s. round, m.s.strips, rail track material, refractories, re-rolling mill, s.s.weld mesh, steel fibers, steel rolling, sponge iron, stainless steel tubes, stainless steel pipes, steel wools, waterline castings, welded wire fabrics, welded wire mesh, wire knitting, wire mesh, Energy
  • Pipe Fittings  (31)
    Aluminum Pipe Fittings,Brass Pipe Fittings,Cast Iron Pipe Fittings,Copper Pipe Fittings,Ductile Iron Pipe, Malleable Pipe Fittings,Plastic Pipe Fittings,Steel Pipe Fittings, Pipe Adapters,Bulkhead Fittings, Compression Fittings,Pipe Cap,Pipe Coupling,Pipe Elbow ,Pipe Ferrule ,Pipe Nipples,Pipe Plug,Pipe Reducer, Pipe Union ,Pipe Tee,Pipe Wyes ,Pipe Sleeve ,Pipe Valves,Pipe Fasteners,Pipe Flanges
  • Plastic  (43)
    Plastic Bags, HDPE,Plastic Impellers, LDPE, P.P.Corrugated Plastic Box, Bakelite & Allied Products, Fittings Plastic, Blow Moulding Plastic,Pet Bottles& Jars, Plastic Pipes, Plastic Tanka, HDPE Pipe Fitting,Fabrication Plastic & Pvc, Plastic Mats, Nylon Products, HDPE Film, Plastic Footwear, Plastic Injection Moulding,Plastic Granules, Plastic Conduit Piping,HDPE Ropes, LDPE Film, Plastic Extruded Items, Plastic Cabinets, Plastic Coating, Plastic Monofilament, Plastic Moulding Chairs,Plastic Resins,Plastic Preforms, Polypropylene,Polyethene Bags, Polypropylene Ropes, PVC Equipments, Plastic Polymers, Plastic Raw Material, Plastic Welding,pp Strapps,PVC Heat Shrink Film, Shrink Wrap Film,Teflon Parts,Thermoplastics, H.D.P.E. Tarpaulins, Tents,Vehicle Covers& Fumigation Cover
  • Bags (Paper) ,Plastic Pallets Plywood (Mfgrs.) ,HDPE Bags,P.P.Caps ,Plastic Packaging Material ,V.Cards Jute Bags ,Bar Code Labels ,Envelopes,Corrugated Boxes ,Packaging Materials,,Wooden Boxes ,Adhesive Tapes For Packaging,,Paper Mills , Aluminium Foils ,Kraft Paper ,Corrugated Rolls ,Flexible Packaging
  • Publication  (6)
    News Paper ,Magazine Publisher,Book Publishers,
  • Acoustic Testing Equipments , Analytical Instruments , Biology Equipment & Materials , Biomedical Waste Disposal , Biotechnology Equipment, Bitumen Asphalt , Blood Bank Equipments , Cement Testing Equipment, Civil Lab Equipments, Clean Room Equipments , Clinical Lab Instruments , Dairy & Milk Testing Equipments Dairy Equipments , Dc Motor & Drives , Diagnostic Medical Equipments , Didactic Products & Lab Trainers , Digital Testing & Measuring, Drawing & Surveying Products , Education Labs Products , Educational Charts & Maps , Educational Materials & Slides , Educational Teaching Aids & Kits, Electrical Kits & Instruments , Electrical Testing Equipments, Electricity Physics Experiments, Electronic Educational Equipments , Electronic Instruments , Engineering Electronic, Engineering Lab Equipments , Environmental Lab Equipments, Fermentors & Bioreactors , Filtration Products , Fluid Machines Laboratory, Food Processing Equipments, Forces Apparatus & Experiments Friction Tribology Equipments , General Purpose Labware, Generator Teaching Systems, Geological Equipment, Heat Transfer Laboratory , Heating & Cooling Equipment , Histology Lab Equipments,Hydraulics & Pneumatics , Hydrological Instruments , Ice Flaking Machine, Image Analysis Software, Industrial Glassware , Instrumentation & Control , Laboratory Accessories , Laboratory Consumables , Laboratory Cooling Equipments , Laboratory Equipments , Laboratory Filtration Equipments , Laboratory Gas Generators, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Heating Equipments, Laboratory Instruments ,Laboratory Mixing Equipments ,Liquid Handling Instruments , Magnetism & Electrostatic , Material Testing Equipments , Materials Science Laboratory, Mathematical Equipments, Measuring Instruments
  • abrasive slurry pumps, acid pumps, centrifugal pumps, chemical process pumps, dewatering pumps, domestic submersible pumps, effluent pumps, gear pumps, hand pumps, multistage pumps, monoblack pumps, molasses pumps, nonclog pumps, paper & paper handling pumps, polypropylene pumps, process pumps, submersible pumps, solid handling pumps, slurry pumps, sewage pumps, special purpose pumps, thermic fluid pumps, vertical pumps, vacuum pumps, wastewater pumps
  • Real Estate  (9)
    Buy,Sell,Rent Properties,Residential Properties, Commercial Properties, Builders ,Vaasthu Shastra,Feng Shui,Home Loans, House Insurance,
  • Rubber  (17)
    Rubber Rollers,Rubber Components,Belt Rubber,Bonded Rubber,Buffers,Daphragms Rubber,Expandable,Sleeves,Rubber Gaskets,Rubber Parts,Pipes Rubber,Pharma Hoses,Butyl Rubbers,Oil Seals Rubber,O Rings,Auto Rubber Parts,Bellows,Rubber Cushion,Rubber Household Parts,Rubber Mats,Rubber Parts Industrial,Rubber Pipes,Rubber Tubes,Rubber Metal Bonding,Rubber Washers
  • Shopping Malls, Retail,
  • Timbers  (21)
    Wood Turnings & Mouldings ,Wood Carvers ,Windows ,Toys ,Timber Harvesting & Logging,Laminates, Musical Instruments ,Packing Cases, Pallet, Particleboard ,Plywood Manufacturer,Pulp & Paper Mills, Recycled & Reclaimed Timber, Roof Trusses ,Saw mills, Staircases, Blockboard Manufacture ,Boat Builder,Decking,Doors,Forestry & Woodlands, Fuelwood, Pellets and Recycling,Furniture,Garden Equipment, Gates,Kitchen Utensils (wooden)
  • water effluent plants, sewage treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, aerobic treatment plants, anaerobic treatment plants, pressure sand filter, ozone generators, submerged membrane bio reactor
  • Handicrafts  (23)
    Wooden Handicrafts , Candle Holders ,Decorative Paper Lanterns ,Gifts & Decoratives ,Metal Handicrafts , Stone Handicrafts,Glass Products ,Miscellaneous Indian Handicrafts ,Costume Jewelry ,Paintings ,Smoking Pipes ,Decorative Candles ,Bone Handicrafts
  • Apparel, Clothing & Garments,Mens Clothing, Fashion Clothing, Fabrics,Blended Fabric, Crocheted Fabric, Satin Fabric, Fibre, Yarns & Threads, Home Furnishings,Bed Linen, Table Linen, Carpets & Rugs, Curtains, Textile Chemicals,Leather Enzymes, Textile Pigment, Finishing Chemicals, Trims, Closures & Accessories,Support Accessories, Fashion Accessories, Textile Products,Industrial Tents, Tarpaulins, Nets, Conveyor Belts, Bags, Textile Machinery,Spinning Machinery, Leather Machinery, Finishing Machinery, Textile Services,Custom Printing, Silk Screening, Textile Designers
  • Exhibition  (7)
  • Education  (43)
    colleges and universities, education online, education employment,Medical College ,Engineering College, masters distance education, software for education,IT education, secondary education, physical education teacher, educate yourself, educational leadership, standards and testing, special education, methods and theories, language schools, higher education, government agencies, distance learning,Coaching & Tuitions , Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, IIT, JEE, CBSE, ICSE IB , Coaching & Tuitions Classifieds,AIEEE,Medical Entrance Coaching ,
  • sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat
  • Safety Eye Wear,Rain Wear,Nose Mask, Helmet, Ear Plug, Leg Guard, Mechanical & Electrical Shoes, Gas Detector, Gum Boots, Blowers, Windsock, Road Safety, Security Products, Gloves, Electrica; Gloves, Gloves Dipped, Leather Gloves, Electrical Wear, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid, Lanyards & Hooks ,Marin,Chemical Wear, Signage, Apron, Reflective Wear, Body Harness, Body Protection
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Recent Listings

  • G.S.Engineering Industries, Double Roller Cotton Ginning Machine Spares Parts
    23,Shastri Nagar Chowk
    Old Bagadganj Road
    Nagpur, 440008

    Double Roller Cotton Ginning Machine Spares,Manufacturer of ginning machine spare parts,gin machine gear,GIN MACHINE PIN, ginning,cotton ginnery,ginnery spare parts,Bajaj & Jadhao Type Double Roller
  • The Kitchen, Modular kitchen Mumbai
    105, 1sr FLoor, Near to Jaquar O.C. Kamla Space
    Above Kohinoor Electronics, S. V. Road, Khira Nagar, Santacruz (West)
    MUMBAI, 400054

    EL-15, Electronic Zone,
    M.I.D.C. Hingna Road
    Nagpur, 440016

    Printed Circuit Boards,Switching Mode Power Supply, Isolated DC to DC Converters, Battery Chargers and solution from the year 2002. At present we are dealing in three verticals Viz: Industrial
  • Electronics Control Systems Nagpur
    No. 68, Sai Nagar, Tractor Company Chowk,
    MIDC, Hingna Road

    MCC Panel,AC Drive,DC Drive,Heat Control System, Digital Controllers, Special Purpose Sensors , Electrical Measuring Instrument, Operating Box ,PCC Panel, Digital DC Drive Panel,Motor Control Panel,
  • Rajkumar Agro Engineers Pvt Ltd
    Near Union Bank Of India, Ghat Road
    Nagpur, 440018

    Kitchen Model Oil Expeller,Hand Operated Oil Expeller,Multicrop Power Thresher,Wood Chipper, Chaff Cutters,Briquette Making Machines,Clay Brick Making Machine, Wood Shaving Machine,Tractor Model
    B-109, MIDC Butibori, nagpur
    Mumbai Address : 61 B, 6th Flore, Agrawal Trade Center, Plot No. 62, Sector - ||, CDB Belapur, Navi Mumbai - 400 614 (India)
    Nagpur, 441122

    Manufacturer and exporter of food processing machinery, food processing machine, dairy processing machinery, dairy plant, spray nozzle, atomizer, homogenizer, centrifuges, cream separators, packing
    195/2, Khetan Kutir, Jawahar Nagar, Goregaon (West)
    Near Mangal Co-operative Bank,
    Mumbai, 400062

    Mango Processing,Pea Processing,Tomato Processing, Juice Processing,Jam
  • Kailas Engineering Systems Pune
    Sector No.7, Plot No. 176/3, PCNTDA, Bhosari,
    Pune, 411 026

    • Fruit & Vegetable Processing equipments. • Mango Pulps Processing line. • Green Peas Processing line. • Jam & Squash equipments. • RTE & RTS equipments. • Picle line equipments. •
  • Shiva Engineers Pune, Maharashtra
    T- Block, Plot No. S 33, MIDC, Bhosari,
    Near Pavana Industrial Complex
    Pune, 411026

    Tomato Ketchup Processing Plant & Machinery, Mango Processing Plant & Machinery, Milk Processing Plant & Machinery, Fruit Juice Processing Machinery, Fruit & Vegetable Processing Plant, Fresh Fruit &
  • Tomato Ketchup Processing Plant & Machinery
    T- Block, Plot No. S 33, MIDC, Bhosari,
    Near Pavana Industrial Complex
    Pune, 411026

    Tomato Ketchup Processing Plant & Machinery, Mango Processing Plant & Machinery, Milk Processing Plant & Machinery, Fruit Juice Processing Machinery, Fruit & Vegetable Processing Plant, Fresh Fruit &
  • Vijay Engineering® mumbai
    207, 2nd Floor Manish Chamber,
    Opp. Hotel Karan Palace Sonawala Rd, Goregaon (E)
    Mumbai, 400 063

    Papad Making Machines, Dosa Making Machines, Packaging Machines, Chapati Making Machine, Shrink Wrapping Machines, Paper Cup Making Machines, Potato Wafer Machine, Meal Tray Sealing Machine, Soda
  • ICF Current Job Opportunities

    Area Business Manager Jobs,Business Executives,Senior Web Designer,Junior Web Designer,PHP Programmer (Web Developer), Office Coordinator / Office Assistant, Technical Support, social media marketing