Bulk Mixing & Delivery Systems

Posted By Hindustan Equipment Craft on 2018-05-01
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Product Specifications for Bulk Mixing & Delivery Systems

  • Bulk Loading Systems
  • Bulk Loading ANFO
  • Heavy ANFO Combination Systems
  • ANFO Loading Systems


Material of Constructions Wetted Parts S.S. 304/ S.S. 316.
Process Pumps Helical Rotor
Additive Pumps  Helical Rotor / Gear Pumps.
Hydraulic Equipments  Danfoss / Parker / Vickers/ Commercial Hydraulics.
Control Panel  GE Fanuc PLC / Siemens.
RPM Counting    GE Fanuc PLC for AN Augur, Emulsion Pump & Final Product Pump.
Totalizer Display of total delivery of material.
Calibration Calibration for Prill Ammonium Nitrate & Emulsion.
Hose Reel Withdrawal of hose during charging at 2 -10 meter/min.
Delivery Hose Antistatic Hose
Fuel Consumption  Lower diesel consumption during bore hole charging
Hydraulic Systems  Lower operational speed.
Ammonium Nitrate Prill Bin Designed for non clogging free flow of AN Prill.
Safety Devices Thermocouple, Rupture disc, Temperature Dependent solenoid valve to switch off all motors in the system.
Custom Built Systems Variants of Bulk Loading Systems are possible.

All these units are mounted on trucks, having capacities ranging from 5 – 15 tons. The Units are fabricated on skid & the skids are mounted on truck chassis.

The system consists of truck mounted storage and processing equipment for carrying ingredients from base plant and mixing the ingredients at the site in required proportion.They are pumped out as final product at the point of use.The system design permits addition of various additives such as sensetisers, gassing agents etc.as per process requirements.

The system is powered by Hydraulics. The hydraulic drive is powered by the truck internal combustion engine through a power take-off shaft. The system design ensures safety of operation and flexibility of process control parameters such as products, proportions & discharge rate.The final product after processing ingredients is pumped directly into the drilled holes in the mines through an anti static hose which is wound on a Hose Reel fitted on the pump truck.

The Hose can be immersed right upto the entire depth of mine hole and subsequent withdrawal rate and charging rate can be pre programmed. This facility ensures even charging of explosive and avoids agglomeration at the bottom of pit. Thus ensuring optimum usage of explosive.

The entire module is designed in such a fashion to ensure easy mobility and safe maneuverability of fully loaded truck absolutely keeping in mind norms of road safety and regulations.

Detailed specification of the equipment shall be provided on request.


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