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Owing to our world class plants and commitment to offer complete satisfaction to clients, we have attained a respected position in the industry. It is the dynamic leadership of Mr. R. Sivasankaran Nair that helps us to understand customers' expectations and bring them the best suitable products. From past 25 years, we have been successfully accomplishing various projects of different countries in an economical manner.

Our Achievement:
Within past 12 years we have accomplished various S.E. units such as 300 TPD 2 Nos, 500 TPD 1 No in Adilabad , conversion of 100 TPD to 300 TPD and fresh 300 TPD in Nanded, conversion of 100 TPD to 200 TPD in Parbhani, 300 & 150 TPD in Jalna, 200 TPD – 2 Nos in Bargarh and 150 TPD in Raigarh, 1000 TPD untits in Washim & Wani, 200 TPD in Birbhum., 200 TPD In Nagpur, 300 TPD In Raipur, 200 TPD in Naila Janjgir. Like wise in Refinery sector we have installed 50 TPD units each in Adilabad, Nanded, Raigarh, Thumsar, Jalna, Parbhani, Baramati, Bilaspur, Bargarh ,100 TPD unit in Nagpur, 50 TPD in Birbhum, and many mores in various parts of the India.
Kindly take note that we could manage to bring down hexane loss to the extent 1 Kg /Ton. of raw material process. Which is rather incredible feat to achieve. In the year 2010 we have added one more golden feather to our Crown by setting up 150 TPD Rice Bran Based Solvent Extraction Plant and 30 TPD Refinery in Sherpur , BANGLADESH. This is First Rice Bran Based Solvent Extraction Plant in the history of BANGLADESH. In 2012 The same Client( Emerald Oil & Paultry Industries Ltd ) rewarded us with Repeat order for the supply of 200 TPD Solvent Extraction Plant & 50 TPD Physical Deodorisation Section , both the Plants have started operation & running successfully. Since then , we have became a well known name in Bangladesh and in 2014 we have also supplied a 250 TPD Solvent Extraction Plant & 50 TPD Physical Refinery to AL-NOOR GROUP , who are a reputed industrialists of Bangladesh, Both Plants running satisfactorily.

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Plot No. N.70 MIDC Area, Hingna Nagpur, Maharashtra 441110 India

Solvent Extraction Plants

Posted On 2017-08-04
Hits 1157
Solvent Extraction Plants:Solvent Extraction process mainly comprises of the following steps:1.Preparation of Bran / Oil cakes suitable for Extraction to remove oil and produce defatted meal. 2.Hexane Extraction of the material obtained from by using food grade n-hexane as solvent. Preparation :The preparation line has been designed for the input of oil seeds from the field, which is sent to…


Posted On 2017-08-04
Hits 1109
Shellac :- Lac is the name given to the resinous secretion of the tiny lac insect (Laccifer lacca) which is parasitic on certain trees in Asia, particularly India and Thailand. This insect secretion is cultivated and refined because of the commercial value of the finished product known as shellac. The term shellac is derived from shell-lac (the word for the…
Vegetable Oil Refinery Plants ( Physical & Chemical ): Continuous Gum Conditioning Section Centrifugal Separator: ALFA-LAVAL make hermetic centrifugal separator, with body in cast iron & all oil contact parts in stainless steel. The solid bowl separator has better separation efficiency. With less maintenance. The separator is provided with manual interface selection fort he exact phase separation of heavy and…

Vegetable Oil Hydrogenation Plant

Posted On 2018-02-13
Hits 1042
Vegetable Oil Hydrogenation Plant:- Hydrogenation is an oils and fats modification process.It is mainly used on vegetable oils like soya, rape, cotton or sunflower to increase their oxidative stability and to improve their melting properties by reducing their degree of unsaturation. As a result, these oils or fats reach a consistency that is ideal for use as margarine or shortening…

Lecithin Plants

Posted On 2018-02-13
Hits 620
Lecithin Plants: We specialize in providing high performance Lecithin Plants for extraction of Lecithin from sources such as Soyabeans, Sunflower & Rice Bran. Lecithin has a unique Lipid molecular structure that gives it many versatile uses. Its Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic character makes it an ideal food emulsifier. It is also used in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industry applications to form Liposomes, Tine Vesicles…

Lecithin Plants

Posted On 2017-08-04
Hits 908
Lecithin Plants: We specialize in providing high performance Lecithin Plants for extraction of Lecithin from sources such as Soyabeans, Sunflower & Rice Bran. Lecithin has a unique Lipid molecular structure that gives it many versatile uses. Its Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic character makes it an ideal food emulsifier. It is also used in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industry applications to form Liposomes, Tine Vesicles…

Rice Bran Solvent Extraction Plant

Posted On 2018-02-13
Hits 793
Rice Bran Solvent Extraction Plant:- Rice bran is by-product obtained during rice milling operation. This is golden reddish cuticle obtained after removal of the husk and during polishing of the rice. Rice Bran Solvent Extraction Plant contains 16 to 22% oil and this oil is recovered by solvent extraction process. Rice bran being floury material it is essential to palletize…

Soybean Extraction Plant

Posted On 2018-02-13
Hits 729
Soybean Extraction Plant:- Soybean seeds contain 16 to 18% oil. Normally soya bean seeds are not subjected to mechanical pressing but the entire oil is extracted after preparation of the seeds in the solvent and Soybean Extraction Plant. Preparation of soya bean seeds includes seed cleaning, destoning, cracking, husk separation (if required), cooking, flaking, expanding and drying. The prepared expanded…

Fractionation and Winterization

Posted On 2018-02-13
Hits 803
Fractionation and Winterization: Fractionation: is a separation process in which a certain quantity of a mixture (gas, solid, liquid, enzymes, suspension, or isotope) is divided during a phase transition, into a number of smaller quantities (fractions) in which the composition varies according to a gradient. Fractions are collected based on differences in a specific property of the individual components. A…

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