Electrical Test Instruments Nagpur

Posted By Instrument Sales Corporation Nagpur on 2018-01-18
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Electrical Test Instruments Nagpur

Instrument Sales Corporation Nagpur vast inventory of electrical test equipment features the latest advancements and the trusted brands that electricians, engineers and technicians rely on every day. We have multifunctional megohmmeters and advanced multimeters. Our high voltage instruments, insulation testers, voltage detectors, battery testers, cable tracers, clamp-ons, and other devices are built for performance and safety by leaders such as Extech,Motwane ,Yokogawa and Megger. Using our instruments, you can diagnose electrical problems due to grounding or identify product insulation issues. You’ll find lightweight, general purpose electrical equipment, as well as units that streamline downloads and data storage.

Categories of Electrical Test Instruments:-
If handheld and bench multimeters are a big part of your business,ISC can be your referred provider. You’ll discover true RMS. industrial, logging, insulation, wireless, and other types of handheld multimeters. When it comes to bench models, you’ll have the accuracy, speed, resolution and additional features to suit applications. Also browse our specialized categories of electrical instruments, such as:Voltage Detectors – evaluate transmission lines, power distribution equipment and fuses.

  • Battery Testers – maintain UPS and storage batteries with portable units.
  • Motor Testers – troubleshoot ac/dc electric motors, generators or transformers
  • Gaussmeters – capture gauss or tesla units with true RMS meters.
  • Locators and Tracers – trace hidden and buried wire, or find cable fault locations fast.
  • Megohmmeters – test insulation accurately, receiving automated results.

Trusted Names in Electrical Testing:
What best-selling electrical testers can electricians, contractors and field engineers order at Instrument Sales Corporation Nagpur
We are engaged in supplying a wide range of Electrical Test Instruments ,Electrical Testing Equipments ,Testing Equipments & Meters ,Diagnostic Insulation Tester , Clamp Meters , Cables Jointing Kits and Energy Meters, Temperature Measuring Instrument, Multimeters ,Safe Earthing KIt ,Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode ,Earthing Kit ,ESE Lightning condutor ,Conductor ,Voltage Finders , Voltage Detectors ,Diagnostic Insulation Tester & Meggers ,Insulation Testers, Insulation And Continuity Testers, Industrial Energy Meters ,Prodigy Energy Meters ,Sprit Energy Meters,Premier Family Energy Meters, Cable Fault Locator, Time Domain Reflectometers ,Portable Cable Fault Locators ,Shelth Fault Testers, Reflectometers ,Electrical Multimeters, Megger Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Diagnostic Insulation Tester, Insulation Testers, Battery Operated Insulation Tester ,Leakage Clamp Meters, Low Resistance Ohm Meters ,Micro Ohm Meters,Ohm Meters,HD meters, Ohmmeters, Earth Resistance Clamp Testers ,Testing Equipment ,Clamp Testers , Transformer Turns Ratios ,Electronic Measuring Instruments ,Measuring Instruments , ACB (Terasaki), ACB , MCCB (Terasaki), MCCB , Resilient MCCB , Agri Starters , Motor Starters, Submersible Pump Starters ,Oil Immersed Starters , Industrial Enclosures , Enclosures, Junction Boxes ,MCC & PCC ,Crane Control Panels ,Resistors and Starters, Power Receptacles, I O's & Converters, Converters, Power Quality Monitor, Transducers , Current/Voltage Transducer ,Frequency Transducer Rish Con Hz, Isolators ,Powerful DC Signal Isolator , Programmable Tap Position Transducer Rish Con TPT ,Dual Output DC Isolator,Paperless Records, Digital Panel Recorder,Controllers , Programmable Logic Controller,Configurable Transmitter, Frequency Transducers, Rish Con P Power Transducers ,Protector Relays ,AC Voltage Relay with Adjustable Differential,AC Voltage Relay with Adjustable Time delay, DC Voltage Relay, Combined UnderOver Voltage & Frequency Relay ,Analog Panel Meters,Digital Movement Meter DIGIMOV Transducer Series,Moving Coil Meter AC Ammeters and Voltmeters with Rectifier, Frequency Meter 90deg (ZQ) , Power Factor Meter 90 Deg (CQ) ,Power Supply, Multifunction Meters ,Touch Screen Graphics LCD ,Digital Panel Meter ,4 Digit Fully Programmable AC Ammeter , Voltmeter, 4 Digit Power & Power Factor DPM (96x96) ,4 digit Power & Power Factor DPM (72x144) ,Digital Multi Function Panel Meters ,Analog Panel Meters ,Moving Coil Meter AC Ammeters And Voltmeters, Electrical Test Instruments, Leakage Clamp Meters, Earth Resistance Clamp Testers,Transformer Turns Ratios, Digital Multimeter, Digital Clamp on Earth Tester Analogue , Net Meter ,Tacho Meters , Digital RPM Meters, Power Analysers , Capacitance Meter ,Vibration Meters, Scope Meter, Digital Cable Fault Locator , insulation Testers , Panel Meters , Energy Meter, Phase angle Meters , Micro Ohms Meters , AC DC Leakage Current Tester , Sound Level Meter ,Lux Meters, Transmission Line Tester, High Voltage Detector, Digital Earth Testers, Digital Panel Meter , Generation Meter, Phase sequence Indicator, Power Transducers, LCR Meter,anemometers ,Gas Leakage Detector, High Voltage Test & Measuring Instruments , Hi-Pot Test Kit , Contact Resistance Meter, Transmission Line Fault Analyzer, Oil Testing Kit , Winding Resistance Meter, Ten Delta Test,Relay Testing Kit,Test Bench, Carona Camera Set, Primary Injection Kit, DC Earth Fault Locator, Power Control Products, SDF, MCB , Motor Control Products, Industrial Contactors , Vacuum Contactors, Control Relays & Accessories , Contactors, DC Contactors, Relays, Limit Switches, Push Buttons, DC Brakes, Plug, Sockets , Wires & Cables , Wires,Cables, Pneumatic Timers , Automation, AC Solenoid & Brakes, AC Solenoid, Brakes, Circuit breaker analysis systems,Circuit breaker analyzer ,Contact resistance test sets, 100 A highly portable micro-ohmmeter with DualGround safety , Hand-held 200 A micro-ohmmeter ,Digital Microhmeter ,Cable fault, test and diagnostics, Cable fault locating equipment, Cable testing and diagnostics, Cable fault and test system vans, Telecom testing,Earth fault location, Cable Ground Fault Locator, Restore Overdrive, Earth testing, Auto Earth Tester ,4-Terminal Earth Resistance, Soil Resistivity Testers, Digital Earth Clamps, Earth Leakage Clampmeter,Test & Measurement, Oscilloscopes, digital oscilloscopes , Digital Power Analyzers, energy and power analyzers and meters, Data Acquisition Equipment, high speed test and measurement system, Generators, Sources, Portable and Handheld Instruments, Yokogawa, Optical Measuring Instruments , Flir Systems, IR Thermometers, Borescopes, Spot Thermal Camera , Advanced Thermal Imaging Cameras, Professional Thermal Imaging Cameras , FLIR Test & Measurement Instruments, FLIR IR Windows, Air Quality Meters,Air Flow Meters , Automotive Meters, Battery Testers, Borescope Cameras ,Videoscopes ,Cable Tracers, Calibrators , Circuit Identifiers ,Clamp Meters , EXTECH Products, Continuity Testers,Decade Boxes , Distance Meters ,Electromagnetic Field Meters,Force Gauges, Gas Detectors and Analyzers,Ground Resistance Testers ,Heat Index Meters,Humidity Meters, Hygrometers, LCR Meters , Light Meters, Magnetic Field Meters, Megohmeters ,Insulation Testers,Milliohm , Micro-Ohm Meters , Moisture Meters , Multimeters, Oscilloscope, Pedometers,Phase Rotation ,Motor Rotation Indicators, PID Controllers, Power Analyzers, Power Supplies , Pressure Meters , Manometers ,Receptacle Testers and Analyzers ,Refractometers, Scales, Sound Meters ,Decibel Meters ,Stopwatches, Timers and Clocks ,Tachometers, Thermometers, Thickness Gauges, Vibration Meters, Voltage Testers and Current Testers ,Water Quality Meters .These services are provided to Several Industries , Private & Government sectors, Technical Training Institutes , Polytechnics& &Engineering Colleges. Supplies are made regularly to Several Industry.


If you need equipment for electrical testing or installation, contact us now via WhatsApp or call +919850898676

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