Instrument Sales Corporation Nagpur
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Instrument Sales Corporation Nagpur

  • Plot No. 84 A, Beside Sai Mandir, Wardha Road Vivekanand Nagar,
    Nagpur 440015
    Maharashtra India
  • Ankush V. Harkare ( Director )
  • Click to Call
  • 08378985918
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converters, instrument sales corporation, digital meter,

Earthing Kit

Posted On 2018-01-20
Hits 290
Earthing Kit Backfill Compound: It is a specially developed conductive compound tested by CPRI; which is capable of absorbing and retaining the moisture for a long time; it reduces the soil resistivity and helps in faster dissipation of fault current. Fluctuation of .Features: Economic and reading to use Earthing Technology for Domestic, Industrial LT & HT Users Very…

Safe Earthing Kit Backfill Compound

Posted On 2018-01-20
Hits 344
Safe Earthing Kit Backfill Compound: It is a specially developed conductive compound tested by CPRI; which is capable of absorbing and retaining the moisture for a long time; it reduces the soil resistivity and helps in faster dissipation of fault current. Fluctuation of .Features: Economic and reading to use Earthing Technology for Domestic, Industrial LT & HT Users Very…

Industrial Energy Meters

Posted On 2018-01-20
Hits 343
Prodigy Energy Meters: Prodigy is the name of our family of three-phase thread-through meters, designed for metering distribution transformers or consumer premises. The innovative feed-through design removes the need for external CTs, voltage connectors, terminal blocks and associated wiring. Prodigy is easier and quicker to install than traditional meters and is much more resistant to tampering or accidental damage. As…

Electrical Multimeters - Nagpur

Posted On 2018-01-20
Hits 355
Megger AVO410 digital multimeter : Megger AVO410 series : 6000 count backlit digital display True RMS reading on a.c. mode 1000 V d.c. / 750 V a.c. ranges 10 A a.c. / d.c. ranges Resistance, frequency and capacitance ranges CAT IV 600 V safety rating The Megger AVO®410 digital multimeter designed for the contracting electrician has the…

Clamp Meters - Nagpur Dealer

Posted On 2018-01-20
Hits 395
We offer a world class ranges of clamp meters that see engineering for maximum efficiency and are handy in their construct. Designed to fit in all spaces, our product comes from quality. DCM310 and DCM320 Clamp Meter: Option of current only , DCM310 or multimeter, DCM320 models Measures up to 400 A a.c. with low current ranges for improved…

Cable fault locating equipment - Reflectometer

Posted On 2018-01-21
Hits 368
Reflectometer: Teleflex VX Megger designs and manufactures portable electrical test equipment. Megger products help you install, improve efficiency, reduce cost and extend the life of electrical assets. Bright and large display Easiest operation via self guiding and explaining menus ARM Slide Technology Automatic storage of all results Supports all existing prelocation technologies Automatic detection and display of cable end…

Cable Identification Systems - Nagpur

Posted On 2018-01-21
Hits 238
Cable Identification Systems: Features : Operation on battery / mains supply. Identification of required cable from bunch of cables. Suitable for single or multi core armoured or unarmoured cables. 100% fail safe identification of power cables. High impulse current to offer reliable results. Six sensitivity control positions on pulse receiver for proper results. Availability of special tongs as per…

High Voltage Surge Testers - Nagpur

Posted On 2018-01-21
Hits 296
High Voltage Surge Testers: To be used for LT as well as Medium voltage up to 11 kV network effectively. 0-4, 8, 16kV - 500J or 1000J Occurrence of cable fault can not be avoided due to many factors. Long outage of a cable from service results in heavy loss of revenue to the power distribution company, production loss to…

Surge Wave Receivers - Supplier in Maharashtra

Posted On 2018-01-21
Hits 248
Surge Wave Receivers: To be used for pin-pointing of cable fault with magnetic and acoustic indication. SLE 90 is a highly sensitive instrument to exactly locate the fault point in a short time. It can be used on LT as well as HT networks effectively. Features: For pinpointing of cable faults by acoustics and magnetic method. Guides the operator…

Diagnostic Insulation Tester - Meggers

Posted On 2018-01-21
Hits 313
Diagnostic Insulation Tester & Meggers: We offer Diagnostic Insulation Tester Or Megger, which is equipped with a hand driven generator and a solid state circuit for stabilizing the DC output. As the most common cause of the electric break down is the malfunctioning of insulation, thus it needs to be tested on regular basis. Megger Bm 5200 Insulation Testers: Megger…

Continuity Testers - Nagpur

Posted On 2018-01-21
Hits 211
WM - 6 Continuity Testers: MEGGER WM6 Insulation and Continuity Tester: Pocket-sized, selfpowered instrument - no battery maintenance problems Tests at 500 volts d.c. Powered by an easy-toturn, low-voltage, ac brushless generator The Wee MEGGER WM6 tester is a self-contained instrument designed to give rapid and accurate resistance measurements. The hand-operated generator is coupled with the latest electronic…

Electrical Test Instruments

Posted On 2018-01-21
Hits 499
Electrical Test Instruments: Wholesale Trader of a wide range of products which include Multifunction Tester MFT1700 Series, Combined Loop and RCD Testers LRCD200 series, Combined Loop and RCD Testers LRCD200 series, 2 Wire Non-tripping Loop Testers Ltw Series, High Current Loop Tester Lt300 and Portable Appliance Testers Pat400 Series. Multifunction Tester MFT1700 Series: Two and three wire non trip…

Three phase Transformer Turns Ratio Testers

Posted On 2018-01-21
Hits 378
Transformer Turns Ratios: Supply Only In Maharashtra. Region. Three phase Transformer Turns Ratio is a true three-phase, fully automatic, test set specially designed for turns ratio, phase shift and excitation current measurement of power, distribution and instrument transformers. TTR100 Transformer Testers: Hand-held transformer tester Tests turns ratio, phase displacement, excitation current, vector group, winding resistance and polarity Fully automatic;…

Leakage Clamp Meters - Nagpur

Posted On 2018-01-21
Hits 323
Leakage Clamp Meters: AC / DC Leakage Clamp Meters DCM 600 AC / DC Leakage Clamp Meters: Description: 3½ digit LCD display. Wide Application for Process control and automotive services. World's first AC/DC leakage clamp tester with 0.1mA resolution. Least influenced from external magnetic field and noise with double shielding CT. Memory function for maximum and minimum value. Dual integration…

Low Resistance Ohm Meters - Micro Ohm Meters

Posted On 2018-01-21
Hits 342
LOW RESISTANCE OHM METERS & MICRO OHM METERS: Supply Only In Maharashtra. The Low Resistance Ohm Meters Or Micro Ohm Meter is a precision instrument, which is extremely suitable for measurement of low value resistance. The instrument uses state of art technology for measurement of low values of resistances. The measuring technique eliminates errors caused due to resistance in the…

Earth Resistance Clamp Testers - Nagpur

Posted On 2018-01-21
Hits 297
Earth Resistance Clamp Testers: Supply Only In Maharashtra We offer diverse range of Tong Tester (Clamp Meter) in the market. Clamp Meter is an electrical tester having an AC clamp meter and volt meter for testing the flow of electricity current in a conductor.These instruments induce a test current into earth systems and measure ground resistance in multi ground installations…

Electronic Measuring Instruments - Nagpur

Posted On 2018-01-21
Hits 272
Power Multimeter Measuring Instrument: The PMM-1 is a portable, battery or line operated, multi-function measuring instrument designed to measure ac primary and secondary currents, voltage power, reactive power, phase angle and frequency of single and three-phase systems. A high speed recording feature can capture starting currents of three-phase motors. All measured values are displayed on a large easy-to-read graphic display.…

Analog Panel Meters - Nagpur

Posted On 2018-01-22
Hits 317
Analog Panel Meters: Prominent & Leading Wholesale Trader from Nagpur, we offer Moving Coil Meter DC Ammeters And Voltmeters 90 Deg(PQ), Moving Iron Meter AC Ammeters And Voltmeters 90Deg(EQ), Moving Coil Meter AC Ammeters And Voltmeters, Power Meters 90Deg (WQ), Frequency Meters 90Deg (ZQ) and Power Factor Meters 90Deg (CQ). Moving Coil Meter DC Ammeters And Voltmeters 90 Deg(PQ):- Polycarbonate…

Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode 10000

Posted On 2018-01-20
Hits 293
Safe Earthing Kit is Combo Of all equpments required for Earthing 1) Copper Bonded Rod - 2 Mtr 17.2 mm 250 Micron - 1 Nos 2) Earth con Chemical Compound - 12.5 Kg X 2 Bags 3) HDPE Earthing Chember - 1 Nos 4) Tap to Clamp we will also provide Installation Services for Earthing.

Instrument Sales Corporation

Posted On 2018-01-18
Hits 557
Diagnostic Insulation Tester Or Megger Clamp Meters Cables jointing kits and energy meters Temperature Measuring Instrument Multimeters High Voltage Test & Measuring Instruments Circuit breaker analysis systems Established in the year 2010, we, Instrument Sales Corporation are engaged in supplying a wide range of Electrical Test…

Electrical Test Instruments Nagpur

Posted On 2018-01-18
Hits 508
Instrument Sales Corporation Nagpur vast inventory of electrical test equipment features the latest advancements and the trusted brands that electricians, engineers and technicians rely on every day. We have multifunctional megohmmeters and advanced multimeters. Our high voltage instruments, insulation testers, voltage detectors, battery testers, cable tracers, clamp-ons, and other devices are built for performance and safety by leaders such as…

Ground Leakage Clamp Meter Nagpur

Posted On 2018-01-18
Hits 344
Megger models DCM305E - Ground Leakage Clamp Meter: Specially designed to check ground leakage currents, the DCM305E is an efficient and highly versatile instrument. It has six ranges 6 mA, 60 mA, 600 mA, 6 A, 60 A, 100 A with a minimum resolution of 0.001 mA on the 6 mA range. Its upper range also enables TRMS AC…

Air Circuit Breakers - ACB (Terasaki)

Posted On 2018-01-21
Hits 521
ACB (Terasaki): No extra arc space required, vertical stacking permittedVery fast interruption by Double Break system The unique “Double Break” main contact system ensures extremely fast interruption of short circuit currents and substantially reduces main contact wear. The internally symmetrical “Double Break” structure allow reverse power connection. This is the only ACB with this facility in India No extra arc…

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers - MCCB (Terasaki)

Posted On 2018-01-21
Hits 385
Moulded Case Circuit Breakers:MCCB (Terasaki) Eco Plus MCCBs Ratings from 16A to 250A Rated at 50° C to suit Indian conditions 3 Pole Fixed Thermal and Fixed Magnetic CE Marked (EP-100 & EP-125) Conforms to IEC 60947-2 Range from 10A to 4000A 3 Pole and 4 Pole Thermal Magnetic and Microprocessor based releases Current Limiting design Thermal setting :…

Voltage Finders - Supply Only In Nagpur Region

Posted On 2018-01-20
Hits 311
Expires On 2019-03-31
Vf 1 And Vf 2 Voltage Detectors VF1 and VF2 a.c. voltage detector Detects the presence of a.c. voltage at: Socket outlets Fuses Switches Wires and cables Circuit breakers Luminaries Quick and easy check for a.c. voltage Check for the presence of a.c. voltage, signaled by a bright red LED situated with in the white nylon tip. Includes…
The Megger VF3 Voltage detector is a compact pen-style instrument to identify the presence of live AC voltages from 90 V to 600 V at 50 or 60 Hz. Voltage is capacitively detected, signalled on the VF3 by the illumination of a bright red LED situated within the white nylon tip. The VF3 has the additional feature of an audible…

Sales Engineer 10000

Posted On 2018-01-17
Hits 356
Location Plot No. 84 A, Beside Sai Mandir, Wardha Road Vivekanand Nagar,, Nagpur, Maharashtra IN
Sales Engineer Diploma/Degree in Electrical 2-3 Years of Experience in Industrial Marketing Freshers May Also Apply We have a vacancy for Technical Sales Engineer.(Male candidate will be preferred) Instrument Sales Corporation Nagpur Address: Plot No. 84 A, Beside Sai Mandir, Wardha Road Vivekanand Nagar, Nagpur Role: Technical Sales Engineer Experience: 1-2 years experience in sales and marketing. BE / 2-3…

Ind Expo -2018 100000 February 16

Posted On 2018-01-17
Hits 279
Start Date 2018-02-16 10:30:00
End Date 2018-02-18 19:30:01
Instrument Sales Corporation Nagpur Contact Person: Ankush V. Harkare ( Director ) Mobile :+919850898676 Office :Plot No. 84 A, Beside Sai Mandir, Wardha Road Vivekanand Nagar, Nagpur 440015 Maharashtra India Our Organization is involved in trading a wide range Electrical Test Instruments ,Electrical Testing Equipments ,Testing Equipments & Meters ,Diagnostic Insulation Tester , Clamp Meters , Cables Jointing Kits and…

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