Automatic Chilli Grinding Pulveriser

Posted By Raj Works & Industries on 2019-07-05
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Our Suction Pulverizer machine is automatic in nature. The capacity of its wide range varies from 5 hp to 50 hp. It is used to grind different materials like raw turmeric, red chilly, coriander seeds, aamchur and spices etc. Designed to reduce man power requirement as loading and output process is carried out by machine itself. Automatic feeding provides hassle free working and efficient working performance.

Anant Automatic Suction Pulverisers Advantages:

  • No need for the worker to stand along side the machine for its smooth operation,The material is pulled into the blower net frame (jalli) and then thrown into air.
  • In this automatic suction machine, the size of suction tank is large; there is not air pressure at the place where the processed product falls (due to presence of dust collector). This simplifies the process of product pulverizing.
  • Continuous feeding is done to ensure that motor does not runs empty and hence machine's capacity is increased.
  • With automatic suction coriander, chili,groundnut husk ,doda chura (poppy husk), rice bran, acacia seeds, gram rind, soybean etc, can be sucked
  • Beater carbides are present in the machine, which eliminates the need of continuous replacement and hence does not decreases the production capacity.
  • Suction pulverizers are ideal for Turmeric, Besan, Amchoor Powder. These are without any net and allow pulverization in any size, small as well as large.
  • Hand pulverized spices pass through net of a thick main plate. Finer the mesh, less is it's capacity; and thicker the mesh, more is it's capacity.
  • Impact Pulverizer & Mesh Pulverizer,Both the pulverizers are operated via one motor.

Technical Specifications:

S.No. Required Horsepower (H.P.) Grinding Chamber in Inch Capacity Per /hour.
1 5 to 7.5 6x12 175 Kg
2 7.5 to 10 7x13 300 Kg
3 10 to 12.5 8x14 375 Kg
4 12.5 to 15 9x15 425 Kg
5 15 to 20 10x16 500 Kg
6 20-25 12x16 700 Kg
7 25-30 16x20 1000 Kg
8 40-50 18x24 1300 Kg
9 50-60 20x24 1800 Kg
10 60-70 24x24 2000 Kg
11 70-80 30x24 2300 Kg
12 80-90 28x36 3000 Kg
13 90-100 30x40 3500 Kg

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