Cement Storage Silos

Posted By R K ENTERPRISES on 2017-12-05
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The cement silo is an integral piece of equipment for any concrete production operation. The silo allows the product to be purchased and stored in bulk, keeping costs to a minimum. R.K.Enterprises will help you evaluate your particular requirements to ensure that the cement silo best suited for you is selected. Variables for silo selection include, loading site design, height restrictions, available power source, and the need to move the silo to an alternate location.
Silo’s used in the concrete industry are often sized by the term “barrel”. This designation refers to the amount of material that the silo can hold when full. It is defined as 4 cubic feet of a given material. To convert this value to WEIGHT or MASS of material that can be held, the weight (mass) per cubic foot must be known. Since cement is usually loaded pneumatically, the amount of air that is integrated in the cement must be accounted for to avoid overfilling of the silo.
The following data can be used to determine the silo capacity needed.

1 Barrel of Cement = 300 lbs of blown in, or “fluffed” cement.

200 Barrel Silo – Loaded Capacity of 60,000 lbs / 30 tons

300 Barrel Silo – Loaded Capacity of 90,000 lbs / 45 tons

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